Interview with Alexandra
Alexandra giving Katja an interview
Alexandra giving Katja an interview

Each year the Chicago Sister Cities International and the University of Illinois at Chicago offer a joint program called “The Global Youth Ambassadors Leadership Summit“ for teenage girls ages 14-16 from Chicago and its 28 international sister cities. Alexandra (class 10a) has applied for this special program and been selected via a competitive application process to travel to Chicago in July. She will not only engage with Chicago´s business and civic leaders, but also participate in workshops, discussions and presentations on advocacy, activism and leadership. Read more in the short interview she gave to one of her classmates.

Katia: Welcome to the interview, thank you for being with me. You will go to Chicago and join the Global Youth Ambassadors Leadership Summit. Did you expect getting chosen to represent Hamburg?
Alexandra: No, I really did not expect it. There are so many interested and suitable girls applying for the summit. Of course, I put a lot of work into my application and kept my fingers crossed, but I figured the chances were not that high.

Katia: Speaking of your application, what did you have to do to apply?
Alexandra: I had to answer some formal questions and write five short essays about good leadership, people who inspire me, problems girls are facing, because the summit focuses on women as leaders, and some other topics. And I needed a recommendation letter which my English teacher wrote.

Katia: After this hard work you have really earned to go there. Do you travel alone?
Alexandra: No, another girl, Elena, is also representant of Hamburg and my English teacher Mrs. Lievenbrück is our chaperone. I am glad not to travel alone, because on the one hand I would get really nervous during the flight and the time before and on the other hand, Chicago´s airport is the 2nd largest in the USA, so chances I get lost are lower ;)

Katia: Oh yes, I can understand that. And last but not least I would like to ask about your expectations for the summit.
Alexandra: I hope we all will get along fine and create long lasting relationships with each other to form a network of girls wanting to promote change. I am also excited to meet leaders of Chicago and the city itself.

Katia: I definitely wish all of you the best! Thank you for your time.
Alexandra: Thank you.